i am by #craft a Storyteller/

living in an age when all stories

have been told/ retold//

recast and told again…

off to my Workshop 

with (a pile of) #repurposed Parts

plus relevant threads to stitch them together…

to a core of raw Concept/

i tack a strand of (recycled) theory/

baste in a wry smile of parody/

and left eye of myth told long ago///

my rehashed mashUpMonster sparks alive

yet seems incomplete/ #incompatible/ maybe #obsolete

against contemporary topography;

maybe she needs an #upgrade…

scavenging #parts:

from a dumb smartPhone broke last month:

digcam eyeball///micro-microphone ears/

#translating words and ideas through

tiny speakers and rainbow LEDs/ 

so she can #communicate to me/

connectivity to touch the #data-sphere///

a flashDrive for memories & knowledge/

now she just needs to perceive/ to process/ to be #responsive

maybe a teensy tiny microController/

code cobbled with rustyLogic//

(i believe) i can breach this languageBarrier/

gestate a bornAgain cyborgZygote host/

hybridBeing to stalk the culturalLandscape: 

harbinger of integration and symbiosis to come…

my creature becomes the storyteller and 

#herStory is our future