Perception Vortex

custom electronics. LEDs and laser-cut acrylic

The Perception Vortex is an interactive kinetic device that allows viewers to play with persistence of vision phenomena. Two wheels are linked to two rotary knobs on the face, which allow viewers to change speed and direction of each disc. When the wheels are spinning slowly or in the same direction, the phenomena does not occur. Once the knobs are turned so the discs are spinning in opposite directions at full speed, an optical illusion is created, making the disc patterns seem to blend and interact with a percieved motion that is clearly taking place only in the mind of the viewer.

Original prototype built during a course & competitive workshop at the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference, “Kinetic Sculptures: Creating Programmable Art” with Erik Brunvand and Dylan Moore.


  • Isa Gordon: Concept, software and visual design
  • DEvan Brown: CAD, mechanics and circuits